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Advanced Learning is a continuum of supports and services that broaden, deepen, or stretch beyond grade level expectations when students are ready for the next level of challenge.

Focusing on both talent development and the needs of students already demonstrating high achievement is the core of what we do. This is anchored in the belief that recognizing, supporting and developing academic talent within our diverse school communities is the responsibility of our school district. We work to reduce barriers to access and opportunity to ensure the equitable reach of Advanced Learning services.

Each elementary and middle school is assigned a half-time Advanced Learning Specialist. Their role includes partnering with teachers and other school staff to guide Advanced Learning implementation, as well as providing direct support to students. At our high schools, the Advanced Learning Director works with principals, counselors and teachers to address Advanced Learning needs. The Advanced Learning Plan defines Advanced Learning, provides guidance for how to identify Advanced Learners, and outlines strategies for supporting students with Advanced Learning needs.