Wisconsin Rules and Statutes for Gifted and Talented Education

The WI Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has rules and statutes for Gifted and Talented education that require school districts to identify and provide educational programming for gifted and talented students in grades K-12.

Board Policy 3555: Talented and Gifted

The MMSD Board of Education approved the current Board policy on Talented and Gifted Education in 2014. This policy was written before the department changed its name and approach to Advanced Learning. This policy states the Board’s commitments, beliefs and obligations on identifying and serving advanced learners in the district. The policy also guides the work of the Superintendent and Advanced Learning Director to adopt and implement an Advanced Learning Plan to carry out the work.

Advanced Learning Plan (approved 4.30.2018)


Plan de educación avanzada (Spanish version)

This Plan defines Advanced Learning and provides guidance for how to identify Advanced Learners and provide appropriate challenge and instruction for these students.

Advanced Learning Plan Memo

Advanced Learning School Level Implementation Plans 

These plans are created by each school and allow the school flexibility in determining the unique Advanced learning profile of their student population and how advanced instruction and other supports will be implemented.

Advanced Learning Equity Vision 

This plan details the district’s commitment and deliberate action to address the Excellence Gap which is fewer from low-income backgrounds, students who are English Language Learners, students who receive Special Education services and students who are black or Latino performing at advanced levels of academics.

Office of Civil Rights Resolution

This document is a legal agreement between MMSD and the Office of Civil Rights in Chicago that contains a plan to improve disproportionality issues in Advanced Learning for black and Latino students specifically with access to and preparedness for advanced coursework in high school.

Links to other MMSD Board of Education approved Plans